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Why should my dog eat air-dried treats?

Curious about air-dried treats for your dog? Is your pet tired of bland and unappealing snacks that are full of mysterious ingredients you don’t understand? Give Wild at Heart natural dog treats a try and see the difference!

Many dog treat brands on the market today come in uniform shapes and sizes which have been highly processed and are full of filler ingredients. Doesn’t your best friend deserve better? We think so! 

Here at Wild at Heart, our air-dried treats are packed with nutrients, energy and are grain free. The 100% natural ingredients created right here in New Zealand are not only super tasty, they’re also great for fussy eaters as they’re packed with nutrition and flavour. With no strange ingredients you can’t recognise, Wild at Heart bites bring your dog a high-quality treat so they can perform at their peak, as nature intended.

So, what does air-dried mean?

Unlike dehydrated treats that uses heat, the air-dried process simply removes the moisture from the food using low temperatures via evaporation. This retains a greater amount of the nutrients in the treat and doesn’t lose any of the precious flavour. 

The result is food that’s naturally preserved without the need for additional preservatives and chemicals. You’ve seen this with items like meat, dried fruit, and vegetables that we eat every day, so we’re just bringing this concept to your dog’s treats - think beef jerky, but for dogs!

What are the benefits of air-dried dog treats?

Air-dried dog treats don't need refrigeration like meat does, but still offer the nutritional benefits of a raw diet in a convenient form. No crumbs, no meaty smells, and perfect for on-the-go when you’re traveling or adventuring. Unlike dehydrated treats that’s had heat applied, the air-dried process retains a greater amount of the nutrients in the food, bringing food in a more natural state to your dog.

What else can the Wild at Heart range offer?

A lot of dog treats on the market today are processed and full of fillers in the form of grains, corn and other carbohydrates that don’t benefit the health of your dog. Before the commercial dog food industry was born, dogs ate food scraps and raw meat. The Wild at Heart range of dog treats is simplistic and reminiscent of what dogs love to eat, with the benefits of being 100% natural with minimal ingredients - like what you’d choose for yourself!

The Wild at Heart range of natural dog treats is grain-free, contains 100% real meat, are rich in protein, vitamin A and iron and are low in fat. This combines to create an air-dried dog treat with a great taste and texture that even the pickiest of eaters can’t resist. Plus, we believe that great nutrition for your dog shouldn’t cost the earth, so our dog treats are wallet-conscious as well.

Our range of natural dog treats  are also great as treats when you’re on the move. Air-dried nutrition simplifies the wholesome, healthy feeding process to make life easier for you too - no crumbly biscuits, no mess. Nothing but nutritious snacks that your dog is sure to love.

Check out the Wild at Heart range of natural dog treats today, available at Countdown stores across the country. We promise your doggo will go wild for them!