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Reviews on Our Dog Treats

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We'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on our range of Wild at Heart dog treats, naturally air-dried right here in New Zealand.

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What Customers Are Saying


We absolutely love them!! They are really high value for kimba and I love the simple  ingredients. Plus having them available at the super market is super convenient!


loves Lamb Lung

They're a standard in our weekly shopping now. They're such great quality and we love the size! So handy for training, or adding to enrichment toys. Arlo loves them!


Can’t get enough of the lamb lung


Love it!

We love it! We check our human shopping bag every time they are back!


New Favourite

Lamb and cheese are our new favorite treatos!



Big drool as soon as the lamb and cheese was opened!


Taste Delicious

One happy Kelpie with his treats. Had to sit him away from them as the smell was rather temping! Gordo can attest that they taste delicious!


Lamb & Cheese

Arnie is obsessed with your Lamb & Cheese bites that we got from countdown.


NZ Made!

I found new treats for them, I love finding treats that have one or five ingredients, especially if they're made in NZ!


tempting treatos

I saw them, I sniffs them, I likes what I sniffs, I takes them away to snaffle!


went bonkers

I took them to a photo shoot we had with Yellow Lab and they went bonkers for them. It was awesome! It's so good to have some good quality treats in the stores now!


In Love

Just bought some of your awesome lamb and cheese treats!! We are in love with your products so please keep doing what you're doing!


Cheese please

My two love the cheese bites so much!


Drool Worthy

Tried the lamb liver and it's totally drool, to the floor drool!


got all 3 flavours

Saw them at the supermarket the other day, and thought the brand looked  familiar… got all 3 flavours and safe to say they’re the boys favourite at the moment!!! So easy and ideal at the supermarket also


Awesome treats

They are awesome! I got them a bag last week to trial and they l-o-v-e-d them so much that we had to add another bag this week!


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