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Top Quality NZ Dog Treats

We believe giving our pets top-quality food is a no-brainer!

Just like us, they need healthy, nutritious food to perform optimally. It’s our responsibility as pet parents to give them the best, so they can grow and become the top dog they’re meant to be.

Why would we give them something that was full of fillers and came in a perfect heart shape?

We wouldn't because that isn’t real. That’s not love. Not true love!

Nature is powerful. Nature is a force that can’t be controlled.

In nature, there are no straight lines. No perfect circles. We’ve taken this to heart and chosen to keep our Wild at Heart Treats as nature intended them. Rough. Uneven. Different sizes. Different shapes. Organic.

And the proof is in the taste.

Keen to stock Wild at Heart dog treats in your store?

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