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The ingredients that go into our treats

The Wild at Heart range is the perfect healthy dog treat for your active dog. Boasting only a handful of locally grown and raised ingredients in each variety and naturally air-dried in New Zealand, this is the perfect range of dog treats for health-conscious dog owners to give their best friends.

Simply irresistible

We pride ourselves on using only natural ingredients with no nasty preservatives or additives, meaning that your precious pooch gets the healthiest treats it can. Plus, we can vouch for this – Wild at Heart’s natural and healthy treats are irresistible for dogs!

Our range has no fillers and is grain-free, and like us, dogs also benefit from less gluten and grains in their diets. Avoiding them can mean less allergies and sensitivities, better weight management and healthy coats.

The Wild at Heart dog treat range comes in three delicious and natural flavours: Lamb Lung Bites, Beef Liver Bites, and Lamb and Cheese Bites.

Lamb and Cheese Bites

Our Lamb and Cheese Bites contain free range, grass-fed lamb, and lamb lung, both very high sources of protein and iron. The cheese we use in our treats is low lactose in case your dog has a sensitive tummy and suits all dogs due to its palatability.

Lamb Lung Bites

Our Lamb Lung Bites are simply healthy, free range, grass-fed New Zealand Lamb lung. Lamb lungs are loaded with nutrients that are essential for dogs and is an excellent way to include all the necessary protein, fats, and acids that dogs need in their diet. Including lamb in your dog’s diet can also help maintain good gut health, keep teeth and coats shiny and strong, and provide all the energy your dog needs.

Beef liver bites

And our Beef liver bites have only one single ingredient, you guessed it, beef liver! A lean and rich protein source that also provides vitamin A and iron. Beef liver is rich in iron, vitamin A, B and D, folic acid, phosphorus, essential fatty acids, zinc, and copper. These nutrients protect and support your dog's digestion, immune system, reproductive organs, as well as bone, joint, nerve and mental health.

Available exclusively at Countdown

With Wild at Heart, your dog will not only get the delicious flavours and natural wholesome ingredients in a handy bite-sized portion, but our bites also promote dental health. Whilst we recommend full meals for your dog along with plenty of fresh air and exercise, the Wild at Heart range offers a healthy and portable supplementary snack for your dog that is low in fat and as natural as it gets. 

Our dog treats come in handy 80g bags so they can go with you anywhere and provide that much needed sustenance on the go. Now available exclusively at Countdown, you can grab a bag when you’re out shopping for your own treats!