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How many dog treats should my dog get per day?

Dogs are just like us – they need to eat and drink water every day to stay healthy – plus they love a special treat every so often! But should your dog be getting treats on top of meals? And how many treats should your dog get before it’s too much of a good thing?

Dog treats are an essential part of positive reinforcement and rewards-based training when your pup does the right thing. But beyond training tools, treats can also help keep your dog content while you’re away and offer extra stimulation throughout the day. Treats can also help dogs satisfy some of their innate instincts passed down from their wild ancestors, such as chewing.

When you give your dog treats, keep in mind that the amount you should give your pet varies from one dog to another. And you do want to keep track of how many you’re giving, as too many in one day might not be best for them in the long run. It's important for owners to know how many treats they should give their pet per day to maintain their health and happiness and keep it consistent.

The frequency of treats depends on the size of your dog and its weight. A small dog should get one or two while a large dog could get up to five or six during the day. Some dogs may need fewer treats because they don't have a lot of energy or are overweight, and others may need more because they have a high level of energy and need more calories to maintain their weight. Whatever type of dog you have, treats should always be given to them in moderation as they can cause weight gain if they’re doled out too frequently.

A rule of thumb is to limit treats to 10% of their daily calories. This could consist of one large biscuit each day, or a handful of kibble (small dog biscuits) over the course of the day, a few pieces at a time. Giving no treats is fine too and if your dog is trained or older, this is a perfectly reasonable choice.

If you’re not sure what treats to give your pet, keep in mind that just like us dogs need a healthy diet that is specific for their needs. Any treats that are given on top of their regular meals should ideally be made from healthy and natural ingredients, so they don't have any negative effects on your dog's well-being. Take the same approach to your dog’s diet as you would for yourself and provide healthier snack options between meals for ideal health long term.

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