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Lamb and Cheese Bites: a whole lotta yum

We all know our furry friends love a good cheese snack, but beyond the deliciousness, did you know that cheese can offer numerous benefits to your dog? As it turns out, cheese can be a great treat and very nutritious for dogs—if given in moderation. Let’s look at why dogs love cheese and how it can benefit their health.

Cheese happens to be an excellent source of protein and calcium for both humans and dogs. It also contains other essential vitamins and minerals, so a bit of cheese in small doses makes a healthy and delicious snack that your pup will love. It’s often used as a training tool for dogs - as most dogs will do anything for a piece! - and trainers often use it for treat-motivated dogs. This snack is also a good way to conceal pills for dogs that require medication.

Dogs tend to love cheese because of its flavour and texture—it’s no surprise that many dog treats contain some form of cheese. But the main reason why dogs crave it is because of its fat content. The fat content in cheese helps provide energy and essential fatty acids to keep your pup’s coat shiny and skin healthy. The extra yummy factor of cheese makes it an ideal treat for picky eaters or those who need an extra boost in their diet. And when combined with other ingredients like lamb or beef, it creates a savoury treat that will make any pup happy.

When selecting cheese for your dog, opt for low-fat varieties like cottage or ricotta so you know you're giving them the healthiest option. Avoid cheeses that contain added sugar or artificial flavours as these can be unhealthy for dogs. Stick with natural cheeses such as cottage cheese, mild cheddar, or parmesan instead. Be sure to check the labels on all products before feeding them to your pet – even those labelled specifically for dogs – as there may be other ingredients present that could negatively affect your dog’s health (especially if they have allergies). So, if you see other ingredients along with the cheese like raisins or nuts, check these carefully and if in doubt leave them out.

Cheese can be an excellent treat option for dogs if appropriate types are chosen. As with any other food item or treat you give though, don’t overdo it as too much can cause diarrhoea and other digestive issues. And remember that not all cheeses are created equally; avoid giving processed cheeses which contain preservatives that are harmful to pets.

So now that we’ve established that cheese as an ingredient is not only harmless, but has health benefits and are irresistible to dogs, give Wild at Heart Lamb and Cheese bites a whirl. These yummy little treats suit all dogs and contain mainly good quality protein with a low quantity of Parmesan Cheese - so you can rest assured that a few bites a day won’t upset their tummies.

Available at Countdown supermarkets everywhere, you’ll be able to grab these handy bags during your weekly grocery shop to make life super easy. Get some cheesy goodness for your pet today!